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Solutions to help Gaming entities bridge their banking needs

We are a consultancy firm working with international licensed banks and financial institutions which provide reliable banking services.

About Drawbridge Banking

Providing access to bank accounts for companies worldwide

Whether your business is considered ‘high risk’, such as the gaming industry, or if you operate in a ‘high risk’ jurisdiction, we can help you open and maintain healthy banking relationships across the globe.

We bring a wealth of experience from the Banking sector and the iGaming industry to every client, using our network to deliver tailored and customised solutions. Given that regulations, as well as the risk appetite of banks, are in constant evolution, we understand and acknowledge the need to open various lines of banking accounts with several financial institutions, including Electronic Money Institutions as well as Payment Providers.

A suite of Banking, Treasury Management and Due Diligence solutions all in one place

Banking Solutions

Drawbridge Banking is connected to several banking partners, delivering multi-currency bank accounts and global payment services to corporate and institutional clients across the globe. 

We draw the bridge down, allowing you to gain access to the most suitable banking partners.

International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs)

Dedicated multiple currency IBANs in your company name.

Currency Exchange

Access competitive foreign exchange rates across major and exotic currencies pairs.

International Payments

Make and receive payments globally via SWIFT, SEPA, FPS and more.

International Corporate Debit Cards

Spend and withdraw money globally.

Treasury Management Solutions

Providing efficient cash flow optimisation which respects the limits and transaction tolerance of your banking partner. Assisting entities holding large euro cash balances in mitigating the negative interest charge levied by their financial institutions.

Due Diligence Solutions

Gathering and compiling all relevant information in a manner which is acceptable to your banking partner. Assisting you in managing periodical due diligence requests from your financial institutions.

Our Services

We are focused on drawing the bridge down for you

Understand your business operations and particular banking requirements

Identify the best-suited banking partners

Set up preliminary meetings with financial institutions

Assist in completing the on-boarding process

Corporate Presentation

Banking | Treasury Management | Due Diligence

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Bridging your banking needs

Drawbridge Banking acts as a consultant working with duly licensed banks and global financial institutions which provide regulated financial services. As our clients, we undertake to introduce you to our financial partners, however, the opening of account shall always remain at the sole discretion of our partners. In this respect we therefore do not provide the service ourselves and we cannot influence the account opening process.